Document Checklist for College Students on Admission Day

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College Admission Process

Nothing is frustrating for a college freshman than the thought of going through the college admission process. Each college has its admission process. One common trait that most students can agree to is the stressful events that follow. It becomes much hectic when you are still figuring out the stake of your admission.

In case you enroll for a college with an ongoing admission process, you might hear a response from the college in less than two weeks. In case the college has open applications, you could wait up to a week to receive a full response from the college.

What is Most Important During Admission?

Admission to a college comes with different expectations depending on the institution. Some standard processes in the admission include the use of:

  • Grades
  • Personal statements
  • Teacher recommendations

An essential aspect of the admission process is where the college looks into your transcripts. The admission committee will assess whether your current marks fit for the particular course you applied for.

There are a series of colleges that do not carry a review of students through tests. It makes it more critical for a reader to focus on other aspects of the application process, such as:

  1. Essay
  2. Resume
  3. Letter of recommendation

Important Documents to Carry

Here is a list of some essential documents you need to carry with you during the college admission day.

Admission Letter

You need to carry an approval letter from the college concerning your application. It is the first document that the admission committee checks. The admission letter usually contains your admission number and other personal information. It helps you make the transition process much more comfortable without any stress. 

Passport Size Paragraphs

Each college you apply for will need you to have at least two or six passport size photographs. It is highly recommended to carry a dozen of passport size photographs on your way to college. Furthermore, ensure you store the photographs until the end of the admission process. You might never know when they come in handy. 

Character Certificate

It is an important document you get from your previous school. It shows your real character in front of the admission committee. In case you have taken a gap period, you should ensure you have a recent certificate.

Statement of Purpose

Most students are often confused about sending their statement of purpose to the college admission committee. Other people call the statement of purpose as the motivation letter. The intent behind the letter is to show your background and aspiration for the particular course. It should be precise and not surpass over two pages limit. It would help if you revealed your personality and character traits through the letter.

Reference Letters

A reference letter comes from another person recommending you for the particular course. The letter focuses on your skills and academic achievements. Ensure you inquire for reference letters to reach in time.

It is worth noting that different colleges have different admission processes. Therefore, you should reach out to the specific college before proceeding to arrive on the actual admission day without your documents in order. 

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