Student Guide on How to Write a Resume


Formatting Guidelines for a Resume for College Students

Writing at a resume while merely in college can be a daunting task mainly because many students are not accomplished professionally. It is important to remember that employers look at the valuable skills potential employees possess. Resumes are professional; however, there is no harm in letting a little of your personality show. Most students struggle with maintaining a formal tone, thus choose to find resume help when stuck.

Give your employer a reason why they should hire you for the position. Apart from showcasing your skills, here are four significant sections your resume should not miss;

  1. Name and contact details.
  2. Education background and achievements.
  3. Employment history.
  4. Relevant skills and experiences.

7 Steps to Follow When Drafting College Resumes

Struggling to survive in college is never easy, especially when there are ongoing expenses to incur apart from your tuition. Resume writing is a skill that will come in handy when you find an opening for a job to earn you some money. However, if you cannot draft a resume, this guide should sort you out;

Choose a Format

With numerous eager college students looking to make a buck, it is crucial to choose a format that is well-organized to hold the employer's attention.

Provide Contact Details

List author's official name, address, bone number and email information.

Craft the Career Objective

It could be one or two sentences summing to 50 words. You could provide your overall professional objective and state why you are applying for the position.

Education Background

Highlight your academic achievements chronologically from the latest to the earliest. If there are other academic successes apart from school, ensure to list them here.

Work Experience

Your entire work history should appear here, starting from the most recent job.

List Your Skills

Any skills you possess significant to the position you are applying for should be here.


Always proofread your work to edit any mistakes made during drafting until the paper is perfect.

Tips to Consider When Crafting Your Resume for College

Although filling out the achievements becomes somewhat of a challenge without vast professional experience, students have much more to offer. Here are useful tricks to help you present your skills to the hiring managers;

Pick the most relevant experiences

When you have ideas you can work with, determine the most significant. Your selling points will give you an advantage; use them.

Keep It Concise

Hiring managers often have a lot of resumes to go through, and they will not have time to go through pages of your resume. Keep it short and sweet by highlighting your strongest points as a candidate. Share with them what is relevant enough to keep them hooked.

Show Your Commitment

Having many achievements will not necessarily earn you any favors with the recruitment team. Most employers want stability; therefore, even two of your most significant experiences will do. Show your involvement and commitment to the activities you participated in.

Go into detail

When it is relevant elaborate more about your involvement in various projects. In case you have a position in a club, elaborate on your role and contributions you made.

Resumes are most comfortable to write once you understand the goal is to outshine your competitors. It should be effortless to develop a shining resume once you put this guide to use.

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