Survival Tricks to Apply While in College

Admission essay

Life in Campus

Congratulations on having your college admission accepted. You are probably delighted at the thought of being on campus. The sheer joy of interacting with new people and feelings of freedom from the shackles of your parents.

Campus life is a treat that should be enjoyed. It forms part of the holistic learning for a student. Furthermore, it opens your mind to the real world. You become open to new ideas and perspectives. You form new bonds and relationships that help you get through in your future.

However, after the honeymoon stage fades away, you realize the harsh realities. The freedom you once craved for becomes a bit extent. Furthermore, you realize that you needed your parents by your side at times to function well. 

The fears of fitting into a social circle become a nightmare. The thought of moving away from your home brings back the nostalgia. The feeling of losing your old friends without the possibility of making new ones becomes a hard pill to swallow. 

In case you are thinking of how to get by while on campus, we have you covered. Not everyone had an easy time while in college. Some had to struggle to survive in a harsh environment. You can learn from the best and have a different experience altogether.

How to Survive in Campus

Here is a list of various options you have when it comes to getting by while still in college as a freshman:

Learn a Sport

You need to learn a sport. Not because it is a requirement in your admission but because it’s the quickest way to make friends. Most long-lasting friendships in college form through playing a similar sport. Having a friend by your side eases the urge to fit into a social circle. Some sure sports in college that need strong bonds in making the team includes:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Hockey

Know Your New Surroundings

The minute you have your admission letter approved by the college, you should plan for reconnaissance to the place. It helps you in knowing your new surroundings much better. Furthermore, you become familiar with new hangout spots during the admission day. Moreover, you can make connections to land the best dorm rooms.

Know the Rules

Living in a college campus comes with a set of rules that you must abide by. Despite having a degree of freedom in your hands, you must follow campus rules. Get a head start and familiarize yourself with some standard rules that apply to your college.

Make Way Off-Campus

As much you will be spending most of your time on campus, you need to have a life off-campus. You will be spending a decent amount of time off-campus. It is time you expand your mind and get wind of the outside world.

Campus providing a new experience for most students. You should be ready to handle any recent changes in the culture and environment that comes your way. Always remember your aim while on campus. Do not limit yourself at the expense of others.

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