The concept of authorship

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Plagiarism is an offense that places universities among the worst. And the severity of the penalties is the same as the penalties between which exclusion from study or the subsequent removal of the title are no exceptions. You can also inadvertently become a plagiarist. Just a forgotten quote and a trouble is in the world. What should you be careful with when writing your work?

Copying foreign content is taboo

It is clear to you that copying foreign content is the most serious and at the same time the most “schooling” mistake. But you might be wondering how many works the copied texts appear. Students often rely on the fact that nobody will notice the few paragraphs. But this is a big mistake. Nowadays, there are countless different programs that plagiarize completely. Perhaps every college has its own document comparison application. All you have to do is read the electronic form of the bachelor’s or master’s thesis and the teacher has an immediate overview of how original the texts are. Of course, if a non-original text is discovered, it will only save you that the passage is in quotation marks and is a literal quote.

Quote and link

It is clear to us that you need to be properly referenced at school today and every day. But we too must add and repeat that it will not work without it. Any paragraph that does not have a resource reference (bibliographic citation) is considered to be your own idea or well-known information (such as the date of a major event) – if it is not one, it is plagiarism. Not to mention literal citations without a source. They may not appear in the bachelor’s or master’s thesis at all. However, you do not even win the source information. Bibliographic citations have their particulars that you must follow. Failure to do so is also a mistake. There are several styles of referrals – you should find your preferred university in the terms of academic texts published directly for students.

The plagiarism also threatens to remove the title

The concept of authorship is not only concerned with schools, but also with the Copyright Act. He also lays down penalties for plagiarism. However, the greatest threat to students is school sanctions. At least a small part of each faculty’s disciplinary order is devoted to them. If it is unintentional plagiarism due to negligence (forgotten or misspelled reference), only a warning or conditional exclusion from study can be imposed. In the event of more serious misconduct, exclusion from school or removal of the title, if it has already been obtained, can then be undertaken.