Reporting Someone on Tumblr

It seems that lately, Tumblr has been a lot about reporting other people for being offensive. It’s understandable to want to remove something from the internet which you find offensive, but here’s why deleting it yourself might not be enough. First of all, there is a scale of badness on the internet. Bad things come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a video of someone being assaulted which you see by chance, to the friend-of-a-friend’s racist joke on Facebook. The vast majority of bad things out there are the former kind – the ones that do not warrant reporting.

One person slapping another or writing a mean comment is not worth it – that’s called assault and harassment, it’s illegal, you can call the police for that. What does warrant reporting are things like bullying, threats of violence or blackmail. These are all considered crimes by law. This is what Tumblr considers graphic content . You should use the report button to make sure this kind of material gets removed from the site because it encourages self harm and it hurts the wellness of others. If you don’t report this kind of content, Tumblr doesn’t notice it’s there and unless someone else reports it too, nobody will ever know about it.

How to report tumblr

Reporting a Tumblr post or account is really easy. When you see the content which you think should be removed, just click on the report link under it. This will bring up options to choose from. If you want to report content for being pornographic , abusive, spammy etc., go with that option. But if it’s a video of someone being bullied or it’s a racist rant, choose the graphic content option.

Why reporting things on Tumblr is more important than deleting them yourself

Reporting offensive material and having it removed by staff will help keep the site clean for other users. This means less time looking through posts which you find gross and more time enjoying what you came on Tumblr for. It’s the same as if you had seen a bad photo in real life and wanted to get rid of it so that nobody has to see it again. That is why reporting someone on tumblr , or having them reported, can be more beneficial than just deleting the material you find gross yourself.

Tumblr’s privacy policy

When you delete something from the internet, it’s gone. But the website may have a copy of what you’ve deleted somewhere on their servers which can be accessed by law enforcement agencies if they demand to see it. Tumblr has stated that it will only give out any information stored about users under very special circumstances , so don’t worry about your own private stuff being handed over. It’s actually really unlikely that Tumblr would ever hand anything over to a third party, but reporting offensive content is the best way to make sure it gets removed permanently and doesn’t show up on your dashboard again.

Tumblr’s community guidelines

Finally, Tumblr has some very clear rules about what you can and cannot post on the site. These rules are in place to protect both Tumblr users and people outside of it from being subjected to violent or graphic material. You can find Tumblr’s community guidelines here . It’s a good idea to read these guidelines before you start using the site, just so you have a general picture of what they’re trying to achieve.


Well, that’s it for this article on how to report a Tumblr user. There are a lot of different reasons why you might want to do this, but the main idea is that if someone breaks the law or uploads something which goes against the site’s guidelines, then they should be reported to make sure their post gets taken down before it causes any more harm.

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